What We Offer

  • Roof Recovery and Restoration
    A new rubber roof membrane will restore your roof!EnviroShield Industrial Solutions, LLC specializes in commercial flat and metal roof repair, recovery and restoration using state of the art fluid applied coating systems.
  • Fluid Applied Rubber Membranes
    Seamless Fluid-Applied Rubber Membranes
    Our innovative reflective roof coating goes on as a liquid, dries quickly and bonds molecularly. It is elastic and has 100% memory and 300%+ elongation capabilities. 
  • Industrial Coatings
    We provide waterproofing and damproofing services.We perform industrial coating services including waterproofing, damproofing, fireproofing and many other specialty services. 
  • ER Systems We provide waterproofing and damproofing services.
    We are preferred applicators for ER Systems products.